First Resurrection Post: Defining Religion

Religion seems to have a bad rep these days. Young people are tuning out in big numbers, at least from its organized and denominational forms. Certainly some of this can be explained by the major shifts in the way people form social communities. Once transient relationships forged in high school and college easily remain intact thanks to […]

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anarchy evolutiom

Bad Religion’s Greg Graffin, Atheism, and Me

The first book I bought for my Nook was Anarchy Evolution by Greg Graffin, founding member and lead singer for the seminal punk bad Bad Religion. Graffin’s ability with standard prose may not quite match his talent for writing great punk tunes, but for the most part I found myself in agreement with his take […]

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Primary of the Living Dead

Reuters ran a story last Wednesday that reinforces what has become all too obvious as each Republic Primary debate appears to be an exercise to out-do the previous  one in ugliness. For the first time in almost 50 years, the party’s leaders fear they do not have the power to anoint the candidate they believe […]

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public opinion survey

Conservative Arguments Against Gay Marriage Still Lame

As social conservatives continue to lose ground in the culture war battle over equal rights for LBGT citizens, blogger Calvin Freiburger over at Red State posted a piece asserting that “GOP negligence” is largely responsible for the public’s increasing support for gay marriage: …in this observer’s opinion, this trend of Republicans taking their eye off […]

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Izzy Stone

On Blogging and Independent Journalism

First a minor correction to my inaugural post in which I wrote that one big motivation behind starting this blog was as a personal outlet for citizen journalism. After some further consideration, engaging in real citizen journalism is not  something I have time for at the moment. Hell it’s taken me over a month just […]

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Inaugural Post

Hello and welcome to post zero of bulletin of the atomic citizen, another drop in the endless blogosphere sea.  I am a professional software developer by trade, and also a journalism student at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, Florida. Despite the fact that programming languages and software design are the only fields  […]

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